Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can we purchase one (1) package today and, after we've tried it out for a while, order a second or third copy at the discounted $95 (additional copy) price?

Answer: No. Additional copy discounts only apply to single purchase transactions. If you order your second copy later, you will be charged full price.

When you order multiple copies at the same time, the first set will be full price and each additional set will be at the discounted price.

Question: Can I modify the content to suit our organization's rules regarding the vans in our fleet?

Answer: Yes, the license agreement allows you can make changes to the materials on Instructor Disk to suit your organizational needs. However it does not permit you to make any changes to the "read-only" multimedia program on the Student Disk.

Question: Can I preview the product before purchasing?

Answer: Yes, you can see a sample of the program by clicking on the following link: Preview Narrated Version (Broadband Connection Required) We do not make evaluation copies available. However, we do offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not fully-satisfied with our product. We will gladly offer you as product references the names of other organizations who have purchased the program.

Question: Can I purchase the program and then charge people a fee to go through it?

Answer: Yes, you are entitled to use the course content as a component of your existing training curriculum, even if it is fee-based. However, you may not sell, copy or redistribute the CD-ROMs, files, or content.

Question: We have several departments that are physically located throughout the state. Can we buy one disk and mail it to each department to use one-by-one?

Answer: Under most circumstances, this is allowed provided that:

i. The multiple sites are actually part of the purchasing organization (i.e.: Ellensburg Parks and Recreation purchases 1 set and loans it out one-by-one to the Youth Center, the Aquatic Center, the Senior Center, and so forth).
ii. They do not provide for this by using a network or LAN.
iii. They are not separate, unrelated departments under a larger organizational umbrella (i.e.: The Department of Licensing and the Department of Transportation are both Washington State organizations, but they are two separate and distinct agencies).

Question: Can our Motor Pool department purchase the program and then train all of the drivers from the other departments of a larger organization?

Answer: Yes, however, there can only be one disk in use at any one time. You can not place it on a server to be remotely accessed, and, unless a trainer goes around to the individual departments, all students must physically go to the designated computer to view the program. If you need to have this program run in more than one location simultaneously you may purchase additional copies.