Why is 15-Passenger Van Training Necessary?

It is necessary to train the members of your organization in the operation of 15-Passenger Vans to protect you and your organization from injuries, accidents, and even death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a cautionary warning to users of 15-passenger vans because of an increased rollover risk under certain conditions. The results of a recent analysis by NHTSA revealed that 15-passenger vans have a rollover risk that is similar to other light trucks and vans when carrying a few passengers. However, the risk of rollover increases dramatically as the number of occupants increases from fewer than five occupants to over ten passengers. In fact, 15-passenger vans (with 10 or more occupants) had a rollover rate in single vehicle crashes that is nearly three times the rate of those that were lightly loaded.

NHTSA's analysis revealed that loading the 15-passenger van causes the center of gravity to shift rearward and upward increasing the likelihood of rollover. The shift in the center of gravity will also increase the potential for loss of control in panic maneuvers.

Adobe Acrobat File NHTSA Analysis of the Rollover Propensity of 15-Passenger Vans

To keep the members of your organization safe it is necessary to train them and certify them in the operation of 15-Passenger Vans, by using the 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course. This proven method of training will help insure the safety of your organization.